For all measurements please make sure the tape is horizontal all the way around, and not too tight. We recommend getting an experienced person to help you with your measurements. If one of your measurements is a size higher than the others we recommend ordering this higher size and having a local dressmaker take in the dress to fit. It's much easier for your dressmaker to create a perfect fit by taking in rather than letting out!

Bust - measure around the widest part

Waist - measure around the narrowest part, roughly the level of the navel

Hips - measure around widest part (i.e. around the buttocks, rather than around the hip bones)

Length - dresses are based on an average height of 5'5" (167cm) plus a 4" (10cm) heel

See the sizing chart and measurement diagram below.

For any extra requirements (e.g. petite or tall orders, etc) or if you do not fit a standard size and would like a dress drafting and making especially for your measurements please contact us.